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At the Airport

Unit 1: Video and Photograph

THE VIDEO ISN'T PLAYING OR YOU CAN'T WATCH THE MOVIE? You may need to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and use IE or the Mozilla Firefox Browser to watch the movie. . A connection speed of 500 kbps is recommended for the best viewing experience.

photograph: waiting at the airport

1. In the video, how did people react to the man crawling around at the airport?
2. How would you react?
3. What is happening in the picture above?
4. Describe one thing that you like or dislike most about airports?

An Idiom

Live out of a suitcase
This idiom is used by people who do a lot of traveling. It describes how they live on what they have in their luggage as they go to a different country or place.

intermediate lesson plan - at the airport

John works for a major airline. He complains about his job:
When I applied to work in this position, I had no idea that I'll be living out of a suitcase six to seven months of the year.


Unit 2: Reading Comprehension

When you plan to travel by air, you need to make sure that you check-in at least two hours before your flight. When you arrive at the airport departure terminal, make sure that you put your heavy luggage in a trolley, otherwise you may end up pushing your luggage around the airport. When you enter the departure area, a security check is carried out on all your luggage. When you get to the check-in counter, an airline representative will check your tickets and weigh your luggage. All airlines impose a weight restriction, and any excess baggage can be very expensive. After checking-in, you can take any hand luggage onboard with you, while heavy luggage is put on a conveyor belt and carried away. After checking-in, you can wait for your flight at the departure lounge or you can shop around for tax-free goods at the duty free store. When it's time to board your flight, an announcement will be made for all passengers to board their flights. When all the passengers and cabin crew have boarded the plane, the captain will communicate with the control tower and guide the airplane onto the runway for take-off.

Vocabulary Practice

Departure Terminal - a part of the airport where passengers must check-in to board their flight.
Trolley - a handcart used for pushing luggage and heavy items.
Security check - checks by airport security for dangerous items.
Check-in counter - a counter where passengers report themselves before departure.
Excess baggage - luggage that weighs more than the airlines recommended limit.
Hand luggage - luggage that can be carried onboard the airline.
Conveyor belt - a moving belt that is used to transport luggage.
Departure lounge - a room with seats where passengers wait to board their flights.
Duty free - goods that are exempt from tax.
Passengers - a person who travels in a vehicle (planes, trains, cars, boat etc.)
Cabin crew - a team of men and woman who man the airplane.
Runway - the paved surface used by airlines to take off or land.

interactive esl quizzes

Checkpoint Charlie's Interactive Quizzes

Welcome to Checkpoint Charlie's Interactive Quizzes! The following quizzes are all related to the video, photograph and reading article on this page. To keep you on your toes, a countdown timer will automatically start when you attempt to take a quiz. Points are given for each correct answer, and a deduction is made for each incorrect answer. You will be given a percentage score at the end of each section. Make sure that you review all the material before taking the quiz. Good luck!

1. Fill-in-the-Blanks (Time Limit: 3 minutes )
Use the twelve vocabulary words that you have learnt from the reading article to fill-in-the blanks. Complete the Fill-in-the-blanks quiz now!

2. Crossword Exercise (Time Limit: None )
Complete this crossword exercise to reinforce the vocabulary you learnt from the reading article. Solve the Crossword now!

3. Unjumble the Idiomatic Expression (Time Limit: None )
This exercise requires you to unjumble a sentence that contains the idiom you learnt on this page.
Click here to complete the jumbled up quiz.

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