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Transportation Systems

Unit 1: Photograph

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ESL lesson plans on Transportation Systems - Photograph of a car accident

An Idiom About Transportation

idioms about transportation

Unit 2: Reading Comprehension

The Problems with Modern Transportation System

For many people, commuting by car or by public transportation is a daily necessity. People with their own cars, use it to commute to work, to go shopping or to take the family out on weekends. For those who cannot drive or afford to buy their own vehicles, public transportation provides these commuters with their only means of transportation. However, it seems that it won't be too long before our society will have to resort back to the horse and buggy cart era if our politicians don't build better roads or resolve the on-going oil crisis.

Our roads and highways are congested most of the time, and the meaning of rush hour has all but disappeared. Heavy pedestrian traffic and poorly designed roads are all factors that can lead to a slow down in traffic flow. A lot of construction work that takes place along our roads and highways are actually doing more to hamper the critical flow of traffic, than to help provide a better solution to the traffic problem. The reason why traffic flow is becoming such a nightmare is simple, our early town and city planners failed to factor in the future needs for an efficient mass public transportation system.

Another problem with modern transportation systems is the depletion of our natural oil reserves. The reality is that we don't have enough oil reserves to supply worldwide demands. But what's even worse is that there are currently no alternative sources of energy to replace the oil and gas shortage that our society so much depends upon. With our natural oil reserves dwindling away, many analysts are expecting oil barrel prices to continue to rise.

With no solution in sight to the traffic congestion on our roads, or to the current oil crisis; the world has no choice but to explore alternative sources of energy or else resort back to the horse and buggy cart era.

Vocabulary Practice

Commuter: Someone who frequently travels by public transport.
Congestion (Congested): Too crowded because of heavy traffic or too many people.
Rush hour: A period of heavy traffic.
Pedestrian: A person who travels by foot.
Alternative: Different options and choices.


1. Why does the statement the meaning of rush-hour is becoming meaningless mean?
2. What are some explanations given for the increases in oil prices?
3. Do you agree or disagree with the author's statement that the oil crisis is a bad thing?

interactive esl quizzes

Checkpoint Charlie's Interactive Quizzes

Welcome to Checkpoint Charlie's Interactive Quizzes! The following quizzes are all related to the video, photograph and reading article on this page. To keep you on your toes, a countdown timer will automatically start when you attempt to take a quiz. Points are given for each correct answer, and a deduction is made for each incorrect answer. You will be given a percentage score at the end of each section. Make sure that you review all the material before taking the quiz. Good luck!

1. Multiple Choice Quiz (Time Limit: 1 Minute Per Question)
Check your comprehension of the reading article, photo and video by completing these multiple choice questions. Take the Multiple Choice Quiz now!

2. Crossword Exercise (Time Limit: 5 Minutes)
Complete this crossword exercise to reinforce the vocabulary you learnt from the reading article. Solve the Crossword now!

3. Fill-in-the-Blanks (Time Limit: 5 Minutes)
Great job on the crosswords! Now use the same vocabulary to fill-in-the blanks. Complete the Fill-in-the-blanks quiz now!

4. Unjumble the Idiomatic Expression (Time Limit: 1 Minute)
This exercise requires you to unjumble a sentence that contains the idiom you learnt on this page.
Click here to complete the jumbled up interactive efl/esl quiz.

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